The Hiatus in your Healing

“It’s a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goal”

-Steve Maraboli

I find it hard to really clear my mind in today’s society. Being a young woman influenced by a world of social media can be very hard, especially when it defines your wealth, status, or even beauty. I feel like everything is pushing me to become something that is impossible to achieve. The “perfect” mom, student or even woman is displayed for everyone to witness yet no guide on how to reach this level of unrealistic perfection. I had to take a step back and ask myself, why is everyone so ambitious to receive this social status by people we have literally never met? Am I missing the big picture? Why does random opinions matter to my age group so much? I am still seeking these answers, but I’ve found that simple steps I take in my life moving me to care less and less about social media status and more about what i have to give within.

Social Media Is A Fraud

Have you ever known anyone to volunteer the lack of love or worthlessness they believe they have? Not unless they are getting paid for it! It’s hard to visualize that your social media “family” has nothing less than the perfect life. This is the start of a vicious cycle, what I like to call motionless movement. You are moving towards something, a goal, that has no depth or benefit. We see that someone is visually amazing and try to mimic the behavior to get the same reaction from people, but do we know what’s behind the camera. The comments from strangers on body image, facial structure, or fashion choices is a factitious pathway to happiness. Those three things fade but we are constantly feeding ourselves that image and those aspirations. Social media is fun until it becomes unhealthy and at that moment we have to realize it a fraud.

Focus On The N.O.W. In Life

I kept asking myself this questions for years. How do I focus on the N.O.W., to get my mind from thinking in the future and my painful past. Focusing on the N.O.W. is noticing our weaknesses, and displacing them from our lives to appreciate the now moments in our life. This one takes time and is one of the hardest things I’ve had to face and I’m still trying to overcome everyday. My first steps are always taking away what is not for me. Simple things like a depressing meme where we send to our friend with the iconic “same” attached to it is foul play for our lives. It doesn’t give us the opportunity to look in the bad to fix,but to look at it as “I can relate” and if everyone is going through it then it must be life. Let me be the one to tell you THIS IS NOT OKAY. We are so use to focusing on what the past did to us we forget to notice what hurts and become accustom to the pain. Focusing on the N.O.W. recognizes the weakness we have and does something about it.

Purge You Following

I have countless times gone through my social media and experienced anxiety looking at photos. I would take frequent breaks, thinking I needed some time to myself away from the negativity. I would come back and the cycle would start again by looking at what I thought were meaningless memes and pictures. That was a unconscious habit I seemed to have and could never break from. I reflected on why these pictures were giving me such a hard time, and why the memes I thought were funny at the time causing a flair in my anxiety. My trauma was bleeding out into my social media. What I surrounded myself with or followed was negatively impacting my psyche and I was completely unaware. So I began to purge, I took away everything that prevented my NOW from happening including superficial body images, non-beneficial celebrities, and those suffering yet relatable memes. I began to follow uplifting pages and things that inspired me the most; my mission was to flood my eyes and mind with positivity

My cleanse is still something I am taking day by day. They’re habits I have come accustom to, letting society lead me to believe it is normal and healthy. Self requires a lot of mental control that I am still making mistakes on, but I’m so eager to make the change into peace. I hope you find the drive to give yourself the peace and love you deserve. We are all on this journey together.

When you are ready to make the change, nothing will stop you.

— Unknown.

This is the first post on my new blog, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new weekly updates. Stay shining!

4 thoughts on “The Hiatus in your Healing

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  3. I enjoyed reading your first post. My takeaway is that it’s so important to quiet all of the noise that is constantly flying at us from all directions, and yes, a lot of it comes from social media which is one of the worst places to interact superficially available to use today. I find it refreshing that so many young people see the harm in letting us affect our feelings so much and in turn, pulling away from it or shutting it off when we feel the need.

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