Soul Surrender

I lost part of my soul
Ripped from my body like a black child from his mother before 1865
But I’m not bound… Or am I?

I thought you were here for life, we were close
So close
Happiness, the emotion I felt but too soon and it’s a deadly dose

I lost myself when your soul left mine.
Tears shedding, blood dripping, the pain of not being on time.

Can you miss someone without knowing them?
But I still gave you me, not enough to make you stay
So I lost part of my soul today.

J. Criddell

2 thoughts on “Soul Surrender

  1. Thank you for sharing this poem at the start of Pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness month.

    It is a difficult conversation to start, because in every other grief you can share beloved memories but that isn’t possible with miscarriage and baby loss

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