The Ultimate Reprogram

For the past two month I have been determine to change my life around. I use to always be negative, thinking “why me” when life threw its constant curve balls. I was getting nowhere, stuck in a cycle of self doubt and worry my health started to decline as well. I was on edge, but through using social media as a cry for help (Read Hiatus In Your Healing) I was able to meet a wonderful mentor who gave me the gift of affirmations. THIS CHANGED MY LIFE. I am forever grateful for God bringing this wonderful soul in my life because through the affirmations I was able to save myself.

I started small at first, finding things I like about myself and wrote them down in a journal. When you are at a low point it’s hard to find things you love about yourself, but keep trying to find your identity, you are more amazing than you know. After 10 things I loved about me I got up every morning, looked at myself in the mirror and told myself these things. I started out not believing them and saying it with no emotion, don’t worry this is normal. In about a week you can feel yourself starting to believe that you are those things, I begin to say them with emotion and I felt every word with passion. This was the start of the change in my life.

After my first week of reprogramming my subconscious, I was more lively, I wanted to be outside and douse myself in nature. When I did this I would play on Youtube more affirmations (here is my favorite one). At first it was strange I didn’t feel any of these things, and my subconscious would try to tell me I was wrong please don’t let it stop you. Keep listing to those affirmations and look at that list, those great qualities don’t change unless you change them! As the days go by say them with more emotion each time really believing that you are worthy (because you are the only person who can say otherwise!)

After about a month of simple reprogramming, I hit the ground running. I flooded my ears every night with self loving affirmations. I was determined to fall in love with myself if no one else was. Then I began writing again a dream that died when I was a little girl because it was “unrealistic” and didn’t guarantee money. Those affirmations helped me realize I am an amazing writer, and my love for words. They helped me realize just who I am and gave me the desire to live in love. In just a month I didn’t even recognize the woman I once was because I was falling in love with the woman I was becoming. I started to realize all that I have to be grateful for, I was living the life that some people dreamed of. Focused on what I didn’t have I forgot to look at what I already posses!

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”
 – Buddha

Now two months later I am the happiest I have ever been. I haven’t had a panic attack since I started saying affirmations (I’ve had them since I was 13) and I am sleeping through the night something I haven’t done in years. I just love and respect myself so much more. I am doing what I love and even though I have less than what I once did, I am beyond grateful for the little things. We are in control of our lives and affirmations were a way for me to recognize my power, my worth, and fall in love with ME!

Make a commitment to just two weeks of affirmations and see the change on the outlook you have in life. Your misery with change into happiness and your pain into power. Let me know how affirmations helped you recognize your worth below, Stay Shining!

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9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Reprogram

  1. daniele7383s

    Congratulations! That is awesome. I struggle with being down on myself and talking negatively to myself. I am going to try this starting today! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. aimlief

    Self-love is key, right? I haven’t practiced listing things I like about myself. I do list things I’m grateful for and I’ve found it’s a wonderful habit.
    Thanks for this idea, J.! I’m glad to see you’re feeling better 🙂
    – aimlief

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  3. WOW! You and I are so similar! I am on a healing path as well, recovering from crippling grief, depression, and PTSD. My Life Coach has been my voice and light in all of that darkness. I am now on focused and healing. SUBSCRIBING ASAP

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  4. This is amazing to here. 2019 has given me many harsh lessons in learning self love and I am still learning. I commend you for being conscious of making these positive changes and sticking to it! You have me inspired to try these affirmations as well ❤️ great read!

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