Deep Roots

I had a dream last night, visions of my past were there
He lured me in with false hope
Made a noose for my despair
Took what I knew
Molded what I loved
Blind with comfort and cozy
To make me feel like I'm at home
Then rip the rug from under
Put me in isolation, so you can make me feel alone
Mute, like a baby in the womb
Fetal position, In the corner of my room
Stomping on my dreams to eliminate the bloom

But there is something great in me that my past did not see
Stomping me in the ground
He made my roots run deep
Stomp on me some more
Give me what I need
Because when I blossom, my roots will be so deep
Trying to pull me out
You must have forgot
My roots run deep, and I grow back in the same spot
So when the past comes running for you
Stand firm and trust
That whatever you're going through
It's necessary, It is a must.

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