Learn To Let Go

During this journey to self love, I am learning to let go of people and places that no longer fit the woman I am becoming. At first this didn’t seem hard I was just removing things that no longer served who I am as a person, but I was so wrong! I found a close attachment to these things that really didn’t define me any more. I was hording the past in my life, not leaving any room for better things to manifest. As hard as it is we have to let go of the past and prepare for the future, because you can’t fill a cup unless it’s empty.

Self care is all trial and error, so let go and give yourself the chance to fall madly in love with you.

-Jasmine Criddell

I know that losing the past can make you feel like you are losing yourself. That if you let go of all the things that defined you as a person you wouldn’t know who you are. Well there is so much beauty in that because you get to reinvent yourself in whatever way you want to! We let material things, who we hang out with, or the places we go define us and when you let all those things melt away you get the chance to create a beautiful person just for you! Self care is all trial and error, so let go and give yourself the chance to fall madly in love with you.

We have all heard of that saying birds of a feather flock together, you are who you surround yourself with. So are your friends uplifting each other, encouraging each other to achieve goals, or throwing a party if you tell them great news? HM, some of mine weren’t either! We have all had our self deprecating moments, but your friends should be the one to pull you out of that hole, hand you the mirror and show you what a BAD ASS you are and not join in on the “fun”. If the people you hang around with don’t share the same interest, goals or if they outright don’t have any goals, kindly but firmly cut them off! You are elevating yourself and people who don’t understand will try and talk you into being that same person they are comfortable seeing. It intimidates most to see you embracing your flaws because face it, people don’t know how to love themselves anymore. If your crew isn’t screaming “You go girl” at the top of their lungs for your success then it’s time to find a new crew boo!

Remember that one place where you had the most amazing time? All you can think about is bringing back those great memories. We try so hard to relive that moment, to feel that emotion we tend to go back to the place that caused that feeling. I always end up having a horrible time, regretting that I even left the house. As we get older we just outgrow things, and try to cope by recreating that memory. If it still brings you the same amount of joy DO IT, and if it doesn’t leave it for you discover a new love. Enjoy that moment for what it was a happy moment and not your life goal. Self care is finding things that make you happy no matter what people think.

When practicing self care set boundaries for what you will tolerate. This will help you decide if it’s something you can continue to love or needs to be released. If you think you can handle it, then find out that it jeopardizes the person you are, make the conscious decision to drop it. Don’t feel bad about making a choice that is best for you, because it’s FOR YOU!

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4 thoughts on “Learn To Let Go

  1. This is truth! Letting go is a powerful concept to embrace in our lives. Whether it’s people, memories, old clothes – anything that represents the past. You are absolutely correct.

    Often, when we hold on to what ‘used to be,’ we unknowingly do carry that weight around with us. Have you ever donated old clothes, thrown away photos that represented a different time in your life, let go of toxic people and felt that relief? It’s incredible! I bet you can relate, or else you wouldn’t have written this great post!

    I love this line you wrote, “If it still brings you the same amount of joy DO IT, and if it doesn’t leave it for you discover a new love.” Amen. Why hold on to anything that only adds to our discontentment in life?

    All my best to you. Thanks for the great reminders. ♥

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