Learning To Be Human

I took a break…… A much needed break from my blog. Not because I dreaded writing, it daunted on me every day to work on a post, but I just could never get around to it. I got sick 3 times, My daughter was having problems at school, and my job search was going nowhere. My life was piling up with all these “negative” elements. Every time I would sit down and write my problems would get right in my face to challenge me. And let me tell you it was an unfair fight, I was getting jumped lol.

So I took a little time away to focus on things that couldn’t wait. I worked on my relationship with my daughter, Eisley. I was practicing being aware when we we’re together. She’s 6 and autistic and I’m a single mom let me just say……. SHIT IS HARD! But when I began to value our time together I realized she’s just as much human as me and I think us parents forget that. I began to see life through her eyes more and more. I’m pretty damn proud of myself because me being mindful in my parenting helped somewhat curve her behavior at school (Eisley will be Eisley lol )

The struggle is real ya’ll!! I could not find a job I’d be happy at (I love blogging but it doesn’t pay the bills lol ). I was offered a few jobs but I declined because I just did not want to be unhappy. I was really beating myself up for not settling for a mediocre job that pays the bills but I’d be miserable at. Then I gave myself an ultimatum make what you love an income. I gave myself a game plan to turning my hobbies into a hustle. I have dreams and I didn’t know how I was going to fund it so I turned a love into a labor and I’m so excited to share with you guys when it rolls out (hopefully in the next 3 weeks)!

I started to walk, just getting outside being active but it was almost like I wasn’t doing enough. I would walk 3 miles SLOWLY and drink alot of water but I still wasn’t loving my body to the max. So I started hardcore exercising/living a healthy lifestyle. I stopped eating all milk products, making every meal as organic as possible and I’m cutting out processed food, I’m doing the changes to my diet now that I wanted to for years. I found a love for yoga, Im running again and I even go to the gym for cardio and weights (I was only thin by the grace of God) I’m working out almost every day. I feel so amazing and my skin has been GOURGEOUS since making health a priority.

It was beautiful expanding my mind. I was really learning to be human and I grew a little bit more. Although I let my baby get a little dusty *blows spider webs off* I became a more beautiful me. I learned how to appreciate myself. I was a little better than yesterday because I got up and tried, even if I wasn’t doing it all. We put too much pressure on our selves believing we should do it all. I’m here to tell you take a break! Sometimes the things we love can hinder our growth and we need that little bit of growth. It is what makes us human and that’s all we really want to be.

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